Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions


Welcome to Acumen Risk Partners, Inc! These Terms and Conditions (“T&Cs”) are the rules of engagement for the purchase of goods and services, particularly consulting services, via Acumen Risk Partners, Inc. Get into the details below to understand how our collaboration works.


Companies bring projects to Acumen Risk Partners, Inc, which, in turn, introduces these opportunities to potential Contractors. The process involves expressing interest, submitting an offer, and, upon acceptance, entering into a comprehensive project order. This method ensures transparency and fair collaboration.

Provision of Service

Our valued Contractors are entrusted to deliver services responsibly, meeting project objectives within the agreed-upon parameters. Contractors are expected to bear necessary expenses, maintain proper registrations, and secure professional liability insurance. 

Contractors are required to promptly inform Acumen Risk Partners, Inc of any issues that may arise during service provision.

Remuneration for Services

Contractors receive remuneration as agreed in their offers or within respective orders. Invoicing occurs on a monthly basis, with Acumen Risk Partners, Inc settling payments within seven days of client remittances. Acumen Risk Partners, Inc charge of reminders for outstanding claims, ensuring smooth financial transactions.

Delivery, Acceptance, and Remuneration for Goods

For services involving goods, Contractors must promptly notify Acumen Risk Partners, Inc upon their completion. Goods are inspected, and payment is initiated post-acceptance. Warranty claims adhere to statutory provisions, ensuring fairness in our collaborations.

Loyalty Agreement and Prohibition of Circumvention

Contractors are bound by a loyalty agreement, refraining from direct or indirect engagement with Acumen Risk Partners, Inc clients. Violations incur contractual penalties, and Contractors must keep Acumen Risk Partners, Inc informed of any contract initiations related to their platform use.

Warranty and Liability

Contractors provide assurances of timely and proper service delivery, and they indemnify Acumen Risk Partners, Inc against any third-party claims arising from their services. The liability is confined to cases of intentional or gross negligence, ensuring a fair and secure working environment.

Rights of Use

For works created within the scope of an assignment, Contractors grant Acumen Risk Partners, Inc exclusive rights of use. Contractors ensure that no third-party rights are infringed upon.


Respecting confidentiality is of utmost importance. Contractors handle all information obtained during their work for Acumen Risk Partners, Inc with the strictest confidentiality, even after the completion of the respective order. Breaches incur contractual penalties, emphasizing the importance of maintaining confidentiality.

Data Protection

Both parties commit to adhering to applicable data protection regulations, guaranteeing that authorized personnel maintain confidentiality or are subject to statutory confidentiality duties.


These T&Cs are effective upon registration and have an indefinite duration. They can be revoked by the Contractor with a four-week notice. The termination of these T&Cs does not affect ongoing contracts, with specific clauses continuing post-termination.

General Provisions

As we evolve, Acumen Risk Partners, Inc retains the complete right to unilaterally amend these T&Cs. Amendments require text form, and objections can be raised within a reasonable period for significant changes. External terms are expressly rejected, and these T&Cs apply to entrepreneurs under the law. By engaging with Acumen Risk Partners, Inc services, you signify your agreement to these T&Cs. We look forward to the best and successful partnership!